Hair Tips

Can’t figure out why your hair is damaged ?


  • Lack of Moisture – we suggest doing a weekly nourishing hair treatment to avoid lack of moisture..
  • Over Processed Hair – listen to your stylist when they say your hair needs time to rest. Over processing of colour can lead to dry/brittle hair. Your rest period should be of 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Tension of styling – minimize tension-based hairstyles. Styles include – wearing tight extensions, clip-ins, sleek looks ect…
  • Heat Damage – avoid using heat on your hair every day, take breaks in-between and ALWAYS use a heat protectant !!.
  • Ponytail holder & pins – let your hair breath. Try alternating different hair styles.- Bobby pins are notorious for breaking hair , especially when criss-crossed for extra hold. .
  • Improper Detangling – detangle in sections. This is will make the process much easier and also reduces the chances of you ripping your hair out.- be gentle. If you aren’t gentle this will just cause more hair breakage.- detangle in the shower. Conditioner & water work magic! This technique will make it a little bit easier. …Let us know if this helped you and if you have any other questions let us know ! 😁💕

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